Groveland restores water pumping capacity

Tuesday January 18, 2022

GROVELAND – The Groveland Water and Sewer Department recently restored pumping capacity at a pipe that was restricted due to mineral buildup according to Superintendent Colin Stokes

The issue was discovered at Wells 3 and 4, which are located near the Pines Recreation area.

Water Department officials believe that natural minerals in the water created a thick layer of calcification when they combined with chlorine and sodium hydroxide — which are chemicals used in the water treatment process — within the pipe over the course of several years. Due to the buildup, the water flow from the 6-inch pipe was restricted to nearly two inches. 

Residents should note that they may experience temporary discoloration in their water now that pumping capacity is restored.

The Water Department will seek to replace the affected water main, which includes 100-200 feet of pipe and one fire hydrant, within the coming year.

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