Groveland receives grant to improve public access and increase bicycle and pedestrian safety

Wednesday December 29, 2021

GROVELAND – The Town of Groveland has received a $400,000 state grant that will improve public access and increase bicycle and pedestrian safety. The grant will fund reconstruction of the sidewalk along the west side of School Street, and striping/stenciling bicycle lanes between Parker Road and Gardner Street. The Town recently completed a similar project along School Street to the south, between the Town line and Parker Road. 

“The School Street sidewalk is in disrepair, and is not compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act,” Highway Superintendent Renny Carroll said. “It is extremely difficult for someone with a physical challenge to travel safely around the Town Center and surrounding neighborhoods, or to local schools and businesses.”

The new sidewalk will be at least 5 feet wide. Curbing will be 6 inches high. Crosswalks will be re-striped, and curb ramps will be added.

The project also proposes repaving the area between Parker Road and Gardner Street, setting 12-foot-wide automobile lanes and adding 7-foot-wide shoulders to accommodate bicycle traffic.

The Town was one of 24 communities to receive a Complete Streets grant, which supports projects that improve travel for bicyclists, pedestrians, public transit users, and people using other forms of transportation. Learn more about Complete Streets here

“This grant assists us in our goal of creating a community that is more accessible for everyone,” Town Administrator Rebecca Oldham said. “The Town is grateful to the Baker-Polito Administration for its continual support of the goals of small communities.”

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