Gifting a Tree This Holiday Season Helps Green Up Newburyport

Tuesday December 07, 2021

As the holidays approach Friends of Newburyport Trees (FoNT) has several gift ideas to suit your budget and to support the verdant urban forest of our City. 

To honor a family member, friend, colleague, or organization, give A Recognition Tree and memorialize the gift on FoNT’s tree sculpture on the Clipper City Rail Trail near the Washington Street crossing.    A donation of $650 enables FoNT to purchase a street tree of the donor’s choice, to plant it and to provide watering for two years.  A metal tag, engraved as desired, will be placed on the tree and the donor will be recognized with a 10 inch stainless steel leaf affixed to FoNT’s tree sculpture.  This program has been so successful that FoNT will be adding a second sculpture in the spring!  

Looking for a stocking stuffer, the Guide to Newburyport Trees $20 is gift a tree enthusiast of any age will enjoy.  The Guide features 84 tree species that can be found on the streets of Newburyport.  Photographs show the leaf, bark and seeds, and symbols identify which trees can be used has a street and/or a home/yard tree as well as those that should not be planted due to an invasive nature.  The Guide is available at the City Clerk’s office.

Another option is a donation of $250 for the Adopt a Tree program which pays for a tree of one’s choice from the recommended City of Newburyport list.   This is a great way to move up the town list and get a tree in front of one’s home or on one’s street during the regular spring and fall plantings.

A healthy urban forest combats climate change, cleans our air, cools summer temperatures, increases property values and makes a more beautiful Newburyport.   Friends of Newburyport Trees is a volunteer non-profit organization working with the City of Newburyport and the Tree Commission to plan, plant and care for Newburyport’s public trees.  

A tree is a gift to yourself, your neighbors and your city!!  Donations can be sent to FoNT at PO Box 1155, Newburyport, MA 01950 or made on-line at

For additional details you can contact Friends of Newburyport Trees at

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