Newburyport Bank Sponsors Triton Amesbury Jr. Maples youth hockey program

Tuesday November 30, 2021

Newburyport  – Newburyport Bank has donated $2,500 as 2021-2022 season sponsor of the Triton Amesbury Jr. Maples youth hockey program.

Currently, the program serves about 50 families from Amesbury and the surrounding communities. Unfortunately, this number used to be larger and has dwindled in recent years due to many factors including players leaving to join club hockey teams, and families choosing lower cost sports. Hockey is more expensive to manage than many other sports. Higher costs can cause a financial barrier that can prevent kids from giving hockey a try or make it unsustainable for families to continue participating long-term. This season’s retention risks are even higher due to the financial instability many families are facing in the current Covid-19 environment.

“We’re very proud to sponsor the Triton Amesbury Jr. Maples,” said Lloyd L. Hamm, President & CEO of the Bank. “The challenges the League has faced have increased for many reasons, including Covid, but as a quality, competitive, community-focused youth sports program that helps our youth to become confident, engaged individuals, supporting their efforts is crucial.”

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