Letter to the editor

Tuesday November 30, 2021

To the editor:

During a year that still includes so much worry and difficult times, the true meaning of Thanksgiving was fully illustrated when the Georgetown Kiwanis Club hosted their annual dinner at the Penn Brook School last Saturday.  After the annual dinner was postponed last year due to COVID-19, the return of the event was a very welcome event for all. Arriving at 6 a.m. to cook 20 22-pound turkeys, more than 30 members of the Kiwanis Club members served Thanksgiving dinners to at least 150 elders including more than 50 home delivered meals to local elders and others in the community.  The friendship and care offered by the Kiwanis Club and several volunteer groups cheered the lives of many of the older adults in our community and warmed the spirits of all who participated in this beloved tradition.  

Rich with autumn colors, pumpkins filled with fall flowers created by the Garden Friends of Georgetown decorated each table while volunteers from the Kiwanis Club, Builders Club and Georgetown High School Key Club served up plenty of fun and conversation along with plates heaped with turkey and all the necessary trimmings.   This year members of Girl Scout Troop 82937 joined the Georgetown Council on Aging in delivering meals to older adults at home. Along with a nutritious meal that featured 150 pounds of potatoes, 40 pounds of green beans and 100 pounds of butternut squash, 10 gallons of fruit salad, 6 gallons of cranberry sauce, stuffing, home-made gravy and extensive pies, the annual home-cooked dinner also fed participants’ wellbeing and souls with the warmth of friendship, nurturing the value and significance of the social connections that are present within this community.

On behalf of the Georgetown COA, I would like to thank the Kiwanis Club, the Builders Club, the Georgetown High School Key Club, the Garden Friends of Georgetown and Girl Scout Troop 82937 as well as the many volunteers who gave so many hours of service in order to safely bring back this annual event to older adults – we are thankful for all of you! 


Colleen Ranshaw-Fiorello, Director
Georgetown Council on Aging

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