Restoring the one-room, Little Red Schoolhouse

Tuesday November 23, 2021

Photos Courtesy Laurie Rowen. Little Red Schoolhouse volunteers Virginia Havey, left, and Laurie Rowen

By Dorothy V. Malcolm

Preservation is vital to our heritage, our children’s legacy, and restoring what’s left of our past can be a massive undertaking and Boxford’s 176-year-old Little Red Schoolhouse is no exception. Activities and fundraising for this historic gem have been vigorous this past summer and fall. The Committee of the Friends of the Little Red Schoolhouse wants to thank everyone who has attended its events and donated to the restoration of this one-room schoolhouse. 

Fundraising events included two local yard sales, Boxford’s annual Apple Festival, Café Sarina at Nunans, Spirit Day at the Cole and Spofford Schools, and the Essex County Brewery in Peabody. More events are planned for 2022.

According to committee leader, Laurie Olshuff-Rowen, “The schoolhouse is coming alive with excitement that we are moving ahead to restore it!” 

The funding will help create an historic living museum for not only the children of Boxford, but for history and preservation advocates of this legendary treasure of yesteryear.

With the aid of volunteers, local tradesmen, and an architect involved in restoring the schoolhouse, it’s no secret that thousands of dollars are needed to properly restore this landmark still honoring Boxford’s history. Since last July, they have enthusiastically raised $6,000 but more work is still ahead.

Olshuff-Rowen said, “A special thank you to Luke and Pearse for setting up the sound systems and for successfully organizing the music from the students in Boxford during some of these events.  And whoever knew how much fun it was to raise money for a good cause!”

More information or a chance to volunteer for this one-room schoolhouse can be accessed at Friends of the Little Red Schoolhouse Boxford on Facebook; an informative YouTube video on this Boxford landmark is at https.//; or by contacting Laurie Olshuff-Rowen at

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