Newburyport Bank Donates to Gundalow Fall Fundraiser

Tuesday November 16, 2021

Newburyport  – Newburyport Bank donated $5,000 in support of The Gundalow Company’s fall fundraiser – Party for Piscataqua. The event was held recently at the newly renovated Carey Cottage at Creek Farm in Portsmouth, NH. The event also celebrated the 10th anniversary of the launching of Piscataqua.

 The nonprofit Gundalow Company’s mission is, “to protect the Piscataqua Region’s maritime heritage and environment through education and action.” Thousands of students each year spend a few hours sailing onboard the world’s only Piscataqua Gundalow. They learn how gundalows were built in this region to carry lumber, salt marsh hay, oysters, bricks, pipe starves and coal on the shallow rivers where big ships could not go.

 “The maritime history of the Piscataqua Region proved crucial to early America’s development,” said Lloyd L. Hamm, President & CEO of the Bank. “Few people know what a Gundalow is, but thanks to The Gundalow Company’s effort in the building of the Piscataqua in 2011, the history will be preserved. Sailing on it brings people back hundreds of years, and the unique experience is something to be treasured. We’re very happy to support the Company’s initiatives.”

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