Newbury Fall Recycling News

Tuesday October 19, 2021

Expanded Sunday Hours at the Yard Waste Facility

Beginning October 17– the Colby Farm Lane yard waste facility will begin Sunday hours and will continue through the last day of operation on December 12. Hours on Sundays will be 10am – 2 pm. Regular Tuesday through Saturday hours remain from 7:30am – 2:30pm.

Bulk Trash Stickers

Did you know that you can no longer buy bulk trash stickers at City Hall?

There are two ways that you can now purchase Bulk Stickers:

ONLINE – To purchase, and your bulk sticker will be mailed to you, visit: 

COMMUNITY VENDORS – Bulk stickers can be purchased at the following stores located in Newburyport: Shaw’s, Market Basket, Richdale’s and 7-Eleven.

Note: Mattress trash stickers still must be purchased online and mattress recycling stickers must be done in person at City Hall or the Recycling Center

Composting Pumpkins

Composting food waste and pumpkins versus the trash benefits the city and the environment. Pumpkins can placed in your leaf bags or curbside or backyard compost or you can drop them off at:

· Yard Waste Facility (no sticker needed)

· Food Waste Barrels (locations are the parking lot at Cushing Park [corner of Kent St and Washington St], the Wastewater Treatment Plant [115 Water St], and by the gate of the Yard Waste Facility) 

· If you’re a subscriber to a compost pickup service, include it all in your green curbside bucket.

The town still offers free starter kits for curbside composting! If you have not yet signed up, visit:

Bagged Leaf Collections

Bagged leaf collections will take place on the following Saturdays:

· November 6th

· November 20th

· December 4th

Please follow these guidelines otherwise your leaves may not be picked up:

· Please have leaves out by 6am on the day of pick up.

· Place leaves only in brown leaf bags or loose in a marked barrel.

· If in a bag, please fold over the bags at the top.

· No wood, brush, rocks, or plastic bags will be accepted.

· Pumpkins can also be put out with leaves or brought to the Yard Waste Facility.

Recycling Books?

The book bin at Cushing Park has been moved to the Bresnahan School at the North Atkinson Street entrance. Books other than encyclopedias can be dropped there.

Cub Scout Electronic Recycling Fundraiser

Pack 21 and Troop 251 will be holding an electronics fundraiser on October 30th from 9am – 11:30am at the Nock Molin School at 70 Low Street. Fees apply.

Email for additional information.

E-Alerts / Code Red

If you haven’t done so already, please consider signing up for announcements or urgent alerts from any or all City departments. On the City of Newburyport’s website homepage, click on the round gray button labeled “E-Alerts” and/or the “Code Red” button near the bottom of the page.

For additional information, please see the City of Newburyport website, or call (978) 465-4410, or e-mail

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