Community Giving Tree Will Bundle Up Kids for Winter

Tuesday October 19, 2021

Boxford – During October, Community Giving Tree will be gearing up to provide local children with warm winter items to ensure kids are bundled  up and protected from the cold. Warm coats, socks, boots, mittens, hats  and cozy PJ’s are the items kids that go without will need to be safe this  winter. Local businesses and organizations will be collecting items this fall  and we will be doing virtual drives, but most importantly, you can help by  supporting the Bundle Up Program with a financial donation. 

“We are so grateful for our strong supportive community that donates new  and gently-used clothing for local kids in need,” says Kim Goulette,  Executive Director. “However, we need financial support as well, to sustain  our operations, to make sure we can get the coats, sweatshirts and warm  winter clothing to where it is needed most – the vulnerable in local cities  and towns.”  

If you are able to help, visit to  make a financial donation. Every $25 gift will help Community Giving Tree to provide necessary essentials to bundle up one child and make sure they  are ready for winter. Whether they need sweaters, socks, outerwear, or  bedding, Community Giving Tree will ensure they receive the items they need to both stay warm this winter, and feel valued and cared for.

Rooted in Generosity. The mission of Community Giving Tree is to help  low-income families in northeastern Massachusetts raise healthy children  by providing recycled clothing, baby equipment and other basic  necessities. 

To learn more about donating or volunteering, visit:

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