Experience Handmade Pottery made by local artisans in Person

Tuesday September 28, 2021

 In today’s digital age, online shopping is convenient. But nothing compares to seeing and touching certain things firsthand – and that is especially true with handmade ceramics. Without perusing pottery in person, how do you know if that mug really fits your hand? How do you know how big that casserole dish really is? And how does that blue glaze change as you spin the bowl to the right or turn it upside down? These are the subtle details you can only see and feel in person at the upcoming Purple Sage Pottery fall sale on Saturday, October 16 th from 10 am to 4 pm at their studio located at 3 Mechanic Street Merrimac.

“Pottery is a very tactile art. The way a piece feels in my hands is just as important to me as how it looks to my eye,” says Iris Minc, founder and owner of Purple Sage Pottery. “My pottery is made to be handled and used. Also, being three dimensional, a two dimensional picture just can’t do it justice. You have to pick up pottery and look at it from all angles to really appreciate it.”

Visit the fall sale at Purple Sage Pottery and you can:

  • Meet local artisans in person
  • Watch demonstrations and see pottery come to life
  • Learn about the pieces you like, and their creation process
  • Shop locally
  • Buy direct from talented artists, some of whom only sell their goods at Purple Sage Pottery
  • Pick out unique and one-of-a-kind gifts for everyone on your holiday list

  Fifteen area potters from the Merrimack Valley, North Shore, and Southern New Hampshire will participate in the show, including: Iris Minc, founder and owner of Purple Sage Pottery, Lisa Mistretta, Hiromi Satoh, Lucy Hutchinson, Peter Grams, Christina Bellinger, Patti Jones, Jenny Graf, Judy Nevius, Kathy Clark, Wendy Jackson, Karen Girard, Karen Orsillo, Dale Poirier, and Maryanne Balogna.

 All the potters will be spaced widely apart, some inside and some outside, for social distancing. All who attend are asked to wear masks whether visiting indoor or outdoor booths. The rain date is Sunday, October 17 th from 10 am to 4 pm. Admission is free.

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