Application for Refuge Deer Hunt Lotteries Opens September 1st

Monday August 30, 2021

Officials have announced that controlled, white-tailed deer hunts have been scheduled at two national wildlife refuges (NWRs), per the following:

  • Parker River NWR in Newburyport, MA: Wednesday, December 1st and Thursday, December 2nd
  • Great Bay NWR in Newington, NH: Saturday, November 13th & Sunday, November 14th

As an integral part of the refuge’s comprehensive wildlife management program, these annual hunts help to maintain the deer population at a level commensurate with the available habitat, while providing the public with hunting opportunities.

Both hunts are by permit only, with permittees selected by lottery. 70 permits are awarded for the hunt at Parker River NWR (35 for each of the two days) and 40 permits (20 for each of the two days) for the hunt at Great Bay NWR. The lottery application period for both hunts is September 1st thru 30th (inclusive). For a hunt lottery informational sheet, and to download a hunt lottery entry form for either/both hunts, visit the Parker River NWR website ( and click on the “Publications Downloads Page” link. Lottery entries can be mailed-in, emailed, or faxed to (978) 465-2807. All entries must be received by COB on Thursday, September 30th, 2021.

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