Meaghan Robichaud of Salisbury, Honored with Lotta Theatrical Fund Award

Monday August 16, 2021

BOSTON — During the Performing Arts department annual awards ceremony at Emerson College, three students were honored with the Lotta Theatrical Fund Award. Among the three recipients was Salisbury native Meaghan Robichaud. Robichaud is pursuing a degree in Acting and is a member of the Emerson College Class of 2022.

The award is named after Lotta Crabtree (1847 – 1924) an American actress, entertainer and comedian. She was also a significant philanthropist. The height of her success was in the 1870s and 1880s. Born Charlotte Mignon Crabtreein New York City to British immigrants. She became one of the wealthiest and most beloved American entertainers of the late 19th century. As a child she became the little darling of the California gold mining camps as she danced her way to fame across America and as an adult actress on the stages of New York City and England. From her beginnings as a 6-year-old until her retirement at the age of 45, she entertained and was named “The Nation’s Darling”. The 1880s saw her as the highest paid actress in America. After her retirement, she established several charities which provide grants and donations for actors, veterans, animals, and agricultural students.

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