Rowley Public Library hours and services

Monday August 02, 2021

Even though the library is open for visits, Pick-up and Grab & Go Pick-up options continue to be offered. Before you visit, please check out the visiting guidelines at:

The Steps

  1. Place an order through the online catalog by visiting: or call/email library staff for assistance (978-948-2850 / Items may take longer than usual due to quarantine restrictions. To get items even faster, you can click the “Only Show Available” button, which will display items that are currently checked in at our library, and reduce some of the turnaround time in filling your order.
  2. To streamline pickup, when your items are ready, call or email the library (978-948-2850 / to arrange a pick-up day during our open hours.
  3. For Grab & Go Pick-up come in on your scheduled pick-up day while we are open to collect your items. Your items will be marked with your name on it on shelves located just inside the 2nd set of doors (look for the Grab & Go sign to the right.) Grab your bag and go- your items are already checked out to you.
  4. If you do not want to come into the building we still offer Curbside Pick-up. Call to arrange a pick-up day so your items will be ready, then call us again when you are in the parking lot. We will put your bag outside the door for you to pick up staff will not bring items to your car. If you have accessibility issues let us know when you call and we will do our best to work with you to make arrangements.
  5. If you want to browse for other items while you are here: Your holds will be at the front desk – you may pick them up when you check out as usual. You can also streamline your checkout by calling ahead. Please bring your library card.
  6. Please place any returning library materials in the exterior book return on the wall next to the outer doors. The inside book return is not open. We cannot accept donations at this time. 

Because of the COVID closure and limited hours and services, the Rowley Library had temporarily suspended the billing process for items that are considered long overdue (49 or more days).

This grace period ended on June 28, and all bills that were held back will be assessed by mid-August. Please check for any items that have not been returned during this past year, and return them as soon as possible. Starting June 28, your account may have become blocked until you either return the items or pay for items that may have been lost or damaged. If you have any questions about your account’s status or any outstanding items, please call 978-948-2850.

Current Library Hours:

  • Monday – Thursday 10 am – 6 pm
  • Friday & Saturday 10 am – 2 pm

If you need help placing holds, or would prefer to have a staff member assist you, the staff is available to help over the phone or via email.

Call 978-948-2850 or email

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