Parker River Details for Drive-On Surf Fishing Permit Lottery

Monday July 12, 2021

Refuge officials are moving forward with a permit lottery system for the drive-on surf fishing season at Parker River National Wildlife Refuge. Those interested in applying to the lottery may do so now through Friday, July 30. There is no lottery application fee.

To enter the lottery, send an email note to and write “2021Drive-On Surf Fishing Lottery” on the subject line. The note must include the following information:

Your name, address, telephone number, and email address (if applicable);

Your Massachusetts saltwater fishing license number (or license number from a state with reciprocity – e.g., Rhode Island, Connecticut, or New Hampshire); and

License plate number and description of the four wheel vehicle that will be listed on the permit (e.g., make, model, year, and color) If you do not have access to email, please type or neatly print the same information on a card and mail to, or drop off at, Parker River National Wildlife Refuge, 6 Plum Island Turnpike, Newburyport, MA, 01950. Please write “Attn: Drive-On Surf Fishing Lottery” on the envelope. If dropping off, there is a drop box near the front door of the visitor center.

Complete lottery applications (either email or card) must be received at refuge headquarters no later than 4:00 pm on Friday, July 30. Permits will be awarded by lottery selection. Selectees will be notified by email or phone by August 10. There is a $50 permit fee.

For further details about the permit lottery, please stop by the refuge entrance station (on Plum Island) or visit the refuge website (“Refuge News Publications” tab) click here.


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