Mike Wilson Makes Friends Wherever He Runs

Monday May 10, 2021

Photo courtesy by Mike Wilson

SOMEWHERE IN IDAHO — Mike passed through southern Idaho, closing in on 500 miles of running across America to help Lucy’s Bus in Amesbury. The Town Common caught up with him in Bliss, ID.

Along his journey, Make has had battle packs of dogs and cold temperatures in the mountains. But he has also met lots of wonderful people.

When one woman who managed a motel had no rooms to rent him, she let him stay in her house.

Melissa Carnahan and her son met Mike, whom she called “a beautiful soul,” as he ran past her home. When she learned he was running to raise money for Lucy’s Bus, which helps families battle cancer, she said she felt compelled to help him.

“My son wanted to give him some supplies. Water, Gatorade, trail mix, oatmeals, and a gift card for Denny’s. (Exactly why I keep a few on hand). Made his day and ours. Thanks, Mike, for being a wonderful human and selfless enough to run for a cause we must find a cure for!!” Melissa wrote on Mike’s Facebook page.

Lucy’s Love Bus, a non-profit organization, fights cancer by offering free integrative therapies such as acupuncture, reiki and massage to help balance the effects of traditional treatments.

Mike’s efforts are already raising money. Planet Fitness donated 600 “awesome” t-shirts to help raise $12,000 to fight childhood cancer, Lucy’s Love Bug announced. “Buy yours today and wear it proudly knowing that every penny of your purchase will go to Lucy’s Love Bus and MaxLove Project!”

The shirts can be purchased for $20 at Lucy’s Love Bus by visiting: lucyslovebus.org.

The MaxLove Project is a California-based program like Lucy’s Love Bus.

Mike plans to finish his run on the waterfront of Newburyport in about 70 days. Pick up The Town Common or follow him on the web site each week to track Mike’s progress across America.

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