Town of Ipswich Reminds Residents of Updated Face Covering Order

Monday May 03, 2021

Town of Ipswich Reminds Residents of Updated Face Covering Order

IPSWICH – Town Manager Anthony Marino and Director of Public Health Colleen Fermon wish to remind the community of the updated face covering order which took effect on Friday.

Face coverings are no longer required in outdoor public spaces when people can maintain six feet of distance from one another, effective Friday, April 30.
Masks continue to be required when social distancing is not possible in outdoor public places, and in all indoor public places.Masks are also still required in certain circumstances including when waiting in line outside of grocery stories, pharmacies and other retail stores; using or operating a taxi or ride-sharing service; on public transit; on public streets and ways; and at any location, such as a hotel, event venue or private club, that hosts indoor or outdoor events or performances.
At small gatherings at private homes, masks continue to be recommended.
“This is only possible because more and more people are getting vaccinated, and protecting themselves against COVID-19. While this is a hopeful step forward, we urge everyone to continue wearing their mask when social distancing isn’t possible outdoors and in all indoor public settings,” Director Fermon said. “Masks are a key defense against this virus, and until we have stopped the spread and more people have gotten vaccinated it is imperative for the health of your community, your loved ones and yourself that you continue taking these prevention measures where appropriate.”
The face covering order applies to everyone five years old and older. It is encouraged children 2-5-years-old wear a mask, and children younger than 2-years-old should not wear a mask. Additional exceptions to the order include those with certain medical or disabling conditions and those communicating with a person who has a hearing impairment or other disability.

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