Rowley Water Department Spring Hydrant Flushing Schedule for Dead-End Streets

Monday April 19, 2021

ROWLEY — The Rowley Water Department has begun its spring hydrant flushing program. Starting Tuesday, April 20, the department will flush fire hydrants on all dead-end streets in town as part of its ongoing program to improve water quality. Flushing will take place from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. from April 20-23 and on April 26. There will be no flushing over the weekend.

Customers should note that they may experience some discoloration to their water as a result of flushing, which is conducted in order to remove naturally occurring sediment from underground pipes. Any discoloration will clear in a day or two, and residents can run their water to expedite that process. Customers are advised to avoid doing laundry until water is clear, and to avoid using bleach to remove any flushing-related stains because it will make the stains permanent.

The schedule, which is subject to change based on available resources, is as follows:

On Tuesday, April 20, flushing will be conducted on:

  • Boxford Road
  • Haverhill St. at the I-95 Intersection
  • Newbury Road
  • Cooper Pond Road
  • Isabelle Circle
  • Harrison Circle
  • Belle Circle
  • Leslie Road
  • Lawrence Road
  • On Wednesday, April 21, flushing will be conducted on:
  • Dodge Road
  • Christa Drive
  • Wethersfield St. at the Georgetown town line
  • Main St. at the Ipswich town line
  • Main St. at the Newbury town line
  • Central Way
  • Fenno Drive
  • Clay Lane

On Thursday, April 22, flushing will be conducted on:

  • Intervale Circle
  • Forest Ridge Drive
  • Rivers Edge Drive
  • Gurczak Lane
  • Meadows Lane
  • Cedarwood Lane
  • Stoneybrook Drive

On Friday, April 23, flushing will be conducted on:

  • Prospect St.
  • Perley Ave.
  • Allen Ave.
  • Turcotte Memorial Drive
  • Merrills Way
  • Deerfield Lane
  • Warehouse Ave.
  • Railroad Ave.

On Monday, April 26, flushing will be conducted on:

  • Saunders Lane
  • Depot Way
  • Mansion Drive
  • Bowlery Drive
  • Scottfield Road
  • Hammond St.
  • Merrifield St.

For additional information, questions or concerns, call the Rowley Water Department at 978-948-2640.

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