Georgetown Information on State Vaccination Program for Homebound Individuals

Wednesday April 07, 2021

GEORGETOWN — Georgetown community update about the state’s homebound vaccination program, which launched fully on Monday. The program seeks to ensure that individuals who are homebound, and could not get vaccinated against COVID-19 otherwise, are able to receive the vaccine at home. 

To qualify, an individual must either:

  • Require an ambulance or assistance from two people to leave their home.

  • Be unable to leave their home for medical appointments under normal circumstances.

  • And/or have considerable difficulty and/or need significant support to leave their home for medical appointments

This includes people who are bed bound, have significant cognitive or behavioral needs such as dementia or panic disorder, are frail and need significant support to leave the home, and those who have significant, ongoing mobility challenges. The program is not open to those who are temporarily homebound or who can leave their homes with adequate assistance.
Residents are advised that if they do qualify for the program, it may take weeks to receive their first dose of the vaccine due to limited supplies and high demand. To book an at-home vaccination appointment through the State Homebound Vaccination Central Intake Line call 833-983-0485.

The program is not open to individuals including those living in a long-term care facility, fear leaving their home due to the pandemic, have a broken bone, are able to leave their home with their support person, or those who leave home for medical appointments but are concerned about visiting a vaccination site.

Residents can pre register for an appointment at a mass vaccination site, check for available vaccination appointments once eligible by visiting: Vax Finder, and are encouraged to contact local pharmacies to learn about vaccination opportunities as well.
Georgetown residents can learn the latest about the COVID-19 situation in Georgetown site.

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