April at The House of the Seven Gables

Wednesday April 07, 2021

The House of the Seven Gables officially opened as a museum and settlement house on April 30, 1910. Caroline Emmerton restored the famed mansion and capitalized on the fame of Nathaniel Hawthorne to fund her settlement house. The settlement house provided a slew of services to immigrants in Salem and specifically the historic Derby Street neighborhood. Today, staff and visitors continue Emmerton’s legacy.

In April, the historic gardens shake the winter away. The month starts with the tulips popping from the ground and buds clustering on the trees. By the end of the month, the site is awash in spring colors set against the blue backdrop of Salem Harbor.

Visitors from near and far also shake off their winter jackets and find their way to Salem in the spring. April is always a reawakening in our fair city as people dine outside again, shop in one-of-a-kind stores, and discover how Salem made its mark as a cornerstone of American history.

The doors opened to the public on April 2. The hours for the month are Friday through Monday 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Visitors will be able to choose from a Grounds Pass or Semi-Private Guided Tour to soak up the history of the National Historic Landmark District. For full details about the 2021 experience, learn about COVID-19 guidelines and precautions, and purchase your advance tickets at The House of Seven Gables .

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