Introduction to Insight Mediation

Introduction to Insight Mediation Saturday, March 25, 9:30AM On Saturday, March 25, from 9:30 am to 12 pm, Ted Jones of the North Shore Insight Meditation Center will lead a morning silent retreat at the Rowley Public Library, 141 Main St. Rowley MA. Guests will...

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Lifting Your Spirit – March 15th Show

Lifting Your Spirit - March 15th Show 'Lifting Your Spirit' is a monthly show in which guests are interviewed about their spiritual lives and their sharing of ways of lifting the spirit. The show is hosted by Rev. Joel Grossman, Interfaith Minister, Director of...

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Genealogy Club

Genealogy Club Wednesday, March 8, 5-7PM Interested in researching your family history? Start with yourself! Join us in the Local History Room at the Rowley Public Library for Genealogy Club, where like-minded researchers can make use of the Library’s resources, share...

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Salisbury Beach Carousel Construction and Opening Update

Drive down Broadway at Salisbury Beach Center and the majestic new Historic Carousel building beckons! This summer, inside the stunning octagonal carousel roundhouse, visitors will once again experience the joy of riding a historic carousel. Slated to open in May...

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