Real Estate

It’s Moving Day

Lots and lots of closings this fall and so many people moving out and/or into a home the process can be a stressful and hectic time. Most of you know that moving is tough, not only physically but emotionally. Stress levels are high, nerves are frayed, and the kids...

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What Inspectors Can’t Say

By now it’s universally accepted that a home inspection while not a requirement, is a necessity for a buyer. A home inspection can feel much like a final exam. The home is studied up and down, inside and out with a report provided at the finish. However, unlike an...

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Buying a Historic Home

New England and especially the North Shore, has plenty of historic homes to appreciate and for many buyers, love.  With its unique charm there is so much to love about an antique home, from its quirky features to its unique charm.  After visiting a few over the last...

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Say What?

Being a REALTOR® I sometimes forget that my buyers or sellers are not familiar with all the real estate lingo. Therefore, when I say things like EMD or HOA and you look at me like I have two heads. I need to remind myself that everyone isn’t in the real estate...

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Selling in the Fall

The current real estate market is still crazy! Buyer activity is still through the roof and sellers are seeing home prices continue to go up. We have been getting lots of calls from soon-to-be sellers getting their homes ready for sale and looking for advice to get...

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How to Look For A Home

There are lots of people entering the real estate market every day and although most know how hard it will be to find and secure a home, if you are a first time buyer or haven’t bought in years you may not know what you are in for. Here are some common slip ups to...

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Kids and Pets at a Home Showing

Let’s get this out of the way immediately…we all love our kids and the same can be probably said for our pets. However, if you are planning on buying or selling a home, it is a good idea to have some ground rules for both. If you are selling, please plan on leaving...

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We Can Help

Rowley Realty - Over the last few weeks I have had meetings with a number of first time buyers trying to break into this crazy seller’s market. If we have heard this once, we have heard it a million times that buying a home is probably the biggest investment you will...

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Appraisal vs. Market Value

With the market in full swing and showing no signs of slowing down, we have received a number of calls over the last few months from prospective sellers asking us to give them an idea as to the worth of their home.  The “market analysis” we perform is an estimate of...

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Real Estate Agency

Earlier in the week when sitting with a new seller I tried and did a poor job of explaining the different types of agency in a real estate transaction.  Agency can be a confusing subject for both consumers and even REALTORS®. In a nutshell there are three types of...

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