Brighter Smiles: Teen Sleep

When we were all young children, most of us got plenty of sleep, and for that matter, we didn’t think much of it. Our parents told us it was time for bed and we went to bed. We slept until the morning at which time we were woken by our parent’s gentle touch. As we...

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When Sewage Flows Down the River

MERRIMACK VALLEY – Warm weather is coming, and boaters, yacht owners, kayakers, dogs and ducks must again contend with raw sewage floating down the Merrimack River. While the fight up and down the river to rid it of untreated sewage is limping along, the city of...

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February Vacation Events at Bradley Palmer State Park

February Vacation Events at Bradley Palmer State Park Bradley Palmer State Park is located at 40 Asbury St. in Topsfield. All programs are free and open to the public. Reasonable accommodations upon request. Adults must accompany children. For outdoor events wear...

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