Local Banks in Strong Shape

REGIONAL – As the federal and state government take steps to protect regional banks from the current crisis, North Shore banks issued statements to reassure depositors that all is well. “With unsettling financial headlines dominating the news recently, I want to...

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Nuke Plant Cited Over Widening Concrete Cracks

REGIONAL – The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) slapped the wrist of Seabrook Station Thursday for not projecting the likely deterioration of its structural concrete caused by alkali-silica reaction (ASR). In a 20-page quarterly inspection report, the NRC issued a...

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We Can Help

Rowley Realty - Over the last few weeks I have had meetings with a number of first time buyers trying to break into this crazy seller’s market. If we have heard this once, we have heard it a million times that buying a home is probably the biggest investment you will...

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Duo at local auto business is going places fast

NORTH ANDOVER — Rowley native Brendan Barry is happy to do mechanical work on a 1928 Armstrong Siddeley that once belonged to royalty, but he’s wary when it comes to driving the vintage automobile. The Siddeley, which Barry stated is believed to have been owned by...

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Plum Island Roasters Fights to Stay Open

NEWBURYPORT – It looked like just another busy day at the Plum Island Roasters Coffee House last Friday. A steady stream of coffee lovers poured in for a better-than-normal day. Owner Bruce Vogel was behind the counter, serving coffee, bantering with regulars and...

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