Mock Crash at Georgetown Middle High School

Tuesday May 28, 2024

Students actors role play finding an injured fellow student during a mock crash that was held at Georgetown Middle High School on Wednesday. (Courtesy Georgetown Police Department)

Mock Crash at Georgetown Middle High School
GEORGETOWN — Police Chief David Sedgwick and Fire Chief Matthew McKay are pleased to report that the Georgetown Police and Fire Departments participated in a mock crash at Georgetown Middle High School to reach young people about the dangers of driving under the influence.
On Wed, May 15, Georgetown Middle High School juniors and seniors experienced a mock crash and drunk driving presentation as they prepare for prom and graduation season.
School Resource Officer Taylor Ford worked with other members of the Georgetown Police Department, Georgetown Fire Department, Georgetown Public Schools, Conte-Giamberadino Funeral Home and Trombly Brothers Towing to facilitate the presentation.
The presentation simulated a fatal car accident as a result of drunk driving. Officer Ford coordinated with Kerry Lee from the GMHS drama club, who facilitated having students play the roles of victims. At the end of the presentation, The Georgetown Police Department informed students of what can happen if they get caught behind the wheel while intoxicated.
The following students played a vital role in making this presentation a success: Nayla Anderson, Jaqueline Carter, Michael Clancy, Carter Lucido, Izabella Markovic, Dylan Prime, and Caroline Swensen.
To view a video of the mock crash made by the Georgetown Fire Department, visit
Following the presentation, Officer Ford coordinated having therapy dogs for the students who viewed the presentation to visit with. Middle School students were also welcome to visit with the therapy dogs as a part of their Mental Health Awareness Month activities. Golden Opportunities For Independence (GOFI) brought multiple Golden Retrievers for the students to visit with. Officer Brian Lewis from the Reading Police Department and his Community Resource Dog Cooper came to visit as well.
“We have found that these realistic drills make a profound impression on students about the consequences of making a decision that will have a lifetime affect on them and others,” said Chief Sedgwick. “We hope that this mock crash will help save lives this year by reinforcing the importance of students making good decisions.”

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