Anti-Racism Series Final Session

Tuesday May 14, 2024

Anti-Racism Series Final Session
The Public is Invited to Take Part in Newburyport Anti-Racism Series Final Session on Thursday, May 16.
Help Create a Communitywide Pledge and Commitment to Diversity
Newburyport – The PEG Center for Art & Activism, the YWCA of Greater Newburyport, and Professor Eddie Carson invite the community to attend the final session of an anti-racism series on Thursday, May 16 from 6:30-7:45 p.m. in the cafeteria of the Francis T. Bresnahan School at 32 N. Atkinson Street in Newburyport (adjacent to the Senior Center).
“Committing to Change: Becoming Anti-Racist” wraps up the series with actionable items and commitments from local leaders, citizens, and friends to literally begin to change the face and forecast of the community. Suggested donation is $10.
The series began on March 5 with a lecture “Being Black in White Spaces: A Brave Talk for Racial Justice” by Eddie Carson, followed on March 21 at the PEG Center with “What We Don’t Know,” a powerful conversation among five people of color sharing their personal experience in the predominately white city of Newburyport. On April 18, the YWCA launched the “Colors Like Me” interactive youth art exhibition, which is on display at the PEG Center through the end of May. Amanda Bradbury, YWCA Director of Youth Services, and Anne Upton, YWCA Inclusion Specialist, showcased the YWCA’s after-school program and their ongoing curriculum to embrace race and dismantle racism.
“Our goal for the May 16 event is to work together with you, in creating an anti-racist pledge for our community. We want your input—and commitments—whether you are a school, civic, or business leader. We want your input as anti-racist citizens in creating this pledge. We feel that this pledge will be the beginning of a new direction of accountable actions that will start to truly make a difference in our becoming a diverse, equitable and multicultural community. We need your feedback to create this pledge!” said Paula Estey, Executive Director of the PEG Center.
The evening will consist of a short recap, then an oveview from other cities which have created an anti-racist pledge. Participants will then break out into brief group sessions in three basic categories: Business and Civic, Education, and Activists.
“After we create an anti-racism pledge for Newburyport, we will talk about next steps, personal commitments and how we can encourage more folks to join. These efforts require individual and collective support to take hold and inspire change. We are looking for our teachers, principals, City Councilors, Mayor and State leaders to attend. And, most importantly, we hope you will join us,“ said Professor Carson.
About the PEG Center for Art & Activism
The mission of the PEG Center for Art & Activism is to provide visitors with the transcendent beauty of contemporary art and to be a catalyst for conscious change. We seek to elevate the quality of our community and lives through creative expression, engaging conversations, and committed action. We create and nurture programming to address human rights, social justice, and the environment. Visit the PEG Center at 3 Harris St. in Newburyport, MA or follow us at for events, programs and more. Paula Estey can be reached at 978-376-4746 or

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