Rowley Artist – “The Coast Up Close”

Tuesday April 30, 2024

Rowley Artist – “The Coast Up Close”

Topsfield – Slow River Studio, located at 17 Main Street in Topsfield, will proudly host the debut show of painter and Rowley resident Rachel Fondell beginning Sunday, April 28 and running through June 22. A middle school English and social studies teacher at St. John’s Prep and the mother of two young boys, the artist spends her summers exploring New England’s coastal landscapes with her family and her winters painting. Fondell’s primary medium is acrylic and the gallery will hang 35 of her works depicting still life renderings of dockside and inner-coastal scenes as part of her show entitled “The Coast Up Close.”
All work from “The Coast Up Close” is now available for viewing and purchase online through 6/22 at

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