Letter to the Editor – Concerning MBTA 3A Zoning

Tuesday April 30, 2024

Vote No on Article 32 May 6 Rowley Town Meeting. Long term effects of 3A zoning should be carefully considered. Town officials seem too eager to push this Article through and have made little effort to consider anything but undocumented short-term consequences. 3A zoning is completely unfunded. Don’t let your vote be swayed by the loss of grants provided by the state that are currently unfunded or the threats of unspecified lawsuits if the vote outcome is not what the state expected. Costs impacting our school budget, infrastructure and dilution of public services has not been studied. Approving the 3A zoning proposed is like signing a blank check for future infrastructure costs, traffic congestion, degradation to the environment. It erodes home rule and relinquishes control of local zoning and the character of our town to a state agency controlled by entrenched politicians and not the people of the town.
Rescue Rowley Citizens Committee

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