Adopt a Pet in 2024

Tuesday April 30, 2024

REGIONAL – The MSPCA achieved a major milestone in 2023 with the adoption of 10,500 homeless pets.
“That’s just one of many milestone moments for our veterinary, sheltering, advocacy, and anti-cruelty programs,” said Neal Litvack, president and CEO.
But the overpopulation of dogs and the lack of adopting homes has put thousands of dogs at risk of euthanasia throughout the country. More than 1,600 dogs were transported by the MSPCA to Massachusetts from areas of the country where adoptions are scarce.
According to the Shelter Animals Count, which tracks shelter data across the country, euthanasia rates are 22 percent higher than last year, with 96,000 more dogs expected to be euthanized due to lack of placement.
The number of dog adoptions is down a more than 1 percent from last year. If the decrease continues through the end of the year, about 20,000 fewer dogs will be adopted nationwide in 2024.
Interested adopters may visit to see the dogs available for adoption, and visit open hours to talk to the staff at any of the MSPCA’s shelters in Boston, Methuen, Salem and Centerville on Cape Cod.

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