Georgetown Fire Department Welcomes New Full-Time Member

Tuesday October 31, 2023

The newest full-time member of Georgetown Fire Department Firefighter/EMT Mike McManus. (Photo Courtesy Georgetown Fire Department)

Georgetown Fire Department Welcomes New Full-Time Member

GEORGETOWN — Chief Matt McKay and the Georgetown Fire Department would like to welcome the department’s newest full-time member, Firefighter/EMT Mike McManus.
The addition of Firefighter/EMT McManus brings the Georgetown Fire Department up to five full-time firefighters, a full-time chief, and 21 on-call firefighters.
Firefighter/EMT McManus has served with the Georgetown Fire Department as an on-call firefighter/EMT since 2016. McManus has his Firefighter I and II certification and is a certified Massachusetts Emergency Medical Technician. He lives in Georgetown and has four children in the Georgetown school system.
A fifth full-time position was added to the department using the existing budget funding by converting per-diem and stipend allocated dollars to fund the full-time position.
“This fifth full-time position gives the department more consistency in scheduling and fills gaps in the schedule where per-diem staffing was not always filled,” said Chief McKay. “This change improves public safety in Georgetown with minimal budgetary impacts.”

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