Local Writers & Book Lovers Get New Opportunity During Ipswich Illuminations

Tuesday September 19, 2023

IPSWICH – Language Lives in Ipswich with the help of the Ipswich Art Association and Ipswich Poetry Group. October 5-8 inside Ebsco Hall, 5 Peatfield Street, Ipswich, MA. Beyond words, Language Lives extends its embrace to the place where art and works merge. Creators’ work can find a place in books, grace book covers, or inspire literature itself. The festival offers a platform for these creative minds to showcase their visual artistry.
Support for Local Creators: The festival provides a platform for local writers and two-dimensional artists to showcase and sell their original works, including art and books. This exposure not only supports the creative economy of Ipswich but also encourages local talent to flourish. Attendees can take home unique pieces of art and literature, fostering a deeper connection between creators and their community.
Help us transform Ebsco Hall into an interactive Exhibition Hall for those who engage with Literature.
2D Artists, Photographers, Illustrators, and Designers
Authors, Poets, Bloggers, and Writers of all kinds
Publishers and Editors
Voice Actors and Recording Studios
Live Spoken Word Performers, Professional Storytellers
If your Art interacts with the World of Literature , please join us. Register at www.LanguageLives.com

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