Complete Healthcare, an Invitation

Tuesday August 22, 2023

Many call them alternatives to medical care. I think of them as complementary, which means healthcare services you use in addition to seeing your doctor. That is, I’m glad when my pain patients have seen their doctor to rule out conditions I can’t treat, and I refer to a doctor when appropriate.
There are numerous well-trained, professional, licensed healthcare providers in the Greater Newburyport area. These are chiropractors, nutrition consultants, and an assortment of massage therapists as well as energy/Reiki healers, independent nurse practitioners, and CBD providers. Their healing efficacy has been proven regularly since well before there was Western Medicine.
What are these services, how do you choose, and when should you consider complementary healthcare? The Greater Newburyport Wellness Network consists of seven local care providers, and we’re presenting an evening meeting to help you answer those questions.
The event is titled Pain and Stress Management. It’s being held at Cape Ann Botanicals’ store in Ipswich from 6:30 to 8:00 pm on Tuesday 12th September, 2023. There is no charge for attendance, and you’ll get not only refreshments, but a door prize raffle as well. Registration is not required, but it would help us know you’re coming: Please call 978-465-5111 or

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