Ipswich Receives Metropolitan Area Planning Council Grant

Tuesday May 23, 2023

IPSWICH — Town Manager Stephen Crane is pleased to share that the Town of Ipswich has received grant funding courtesy of the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) to provide technical assistance for Phase I of the Town’s Section 3A work.
The $40,000 in grant funding will aid in the visioning phase of the Town’s Section 3A work.
Section 3A of the State’s Zoning Act requires that the 175 communities with access to MBTA service, including Ipswich and Rowley, create a district or districts where multi-family housing is permitted as of right.
MBTA communities, such as Ipswich and Rowley, are given until the end of 2024 to introduce zoning that would alot for multi-family housing. The state indicates that densities must accommodate at least 15 units per acre.
Ipswich would be required to zone 50 acres for 971 units, according to state guidelines. In addition, forty percent of the units have to be within half a mile of the train station.
Rowley would be required to zone 40 acres for 601 units, with twenty percent in the station area, according to the guidelines.
MAPC technical assistance to Ipswich is made possible through a range of sources including District Local Technical Assistance, Planning for MetroCommon2050 Technical Assistance, and foundation grants.
Ipswich residents are encouraged to view the Town’s webpage, www.ipswichma.gov/978/Section-3A, to learn more about the project. Those with questions should contact Andrea Bates at andreab@ipswichma.gov.

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