Parking at Crane Beach Gets Pricier

Tuesday March 21, 2023

Crane Beach Gate

IPSWICH — Out-of-town visitors to Crane Beach will soon have less money in their wallets. Ipswich residents will not be affected.
The Crane Estate and Beach Trustees of Reservations will phase out the beach parking permit over the next few months and replace it with a membership-based pass.
Peter Pinciaro, director of the Crane Estate, attributed the change to the beach’s popularity. “There are now so many more permits than parking spaces at the beach that it has become too hard to reserve a ticket.”
In an avalanche of comments on social media, Crane Beach lovers complained they only joined the Trustees so they could get the beach pass. Others objected to the price increase.
@fionaashleen said “These new price levels are unfortunate and will end up pricing out low-income families. So rather than making the beach more accessible to more people, you have made it a place for rich people.”
@sknech said “I will not be renewing my Trustees Membership. A large reason was the beach sticker. I have young kids and frequently go for short amounts of time. If I need to pay per visit, it will cost a lot more than the sticker and it will not be affordable.”
Permits will be phased out as they expire, so most members don’t need to take any action to enjoy permit privileges this summer.
“Anyone with a permit that expires before September of this year should consider renewing it and has until April 30 to do so,” the Trustees advised. “No Crane permits will be sold or renewed after April 30, 2023. Existing permits will expire no later than May 1, 2024.”
Pinciaro said the “deep discounts we plan to offer will continue to provide a member benefit while also making it a little easier for people to reserve tickets to visit Crane Beach.”
The fee for non-members will be $40 in-season weekdays; $45 in-season weekends/holidays and $10 off season.
Individual, family, and contributing members will be 50 percent off the non-member rate all year.
Supporting-level members will be $10 in-season and free off-season.
Sustaining- and sponsor-level members may park free all year.

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