Lectures at the Ipswich Museum Focus on Economics

Wednesday June 01, 2022

IPSWICH – Join the Ipswich Museum in June for two enlightening lectures. On June 6 at noon, we welcome speaker Carroll Perry for our Bag Lunch Series. He will discuss Modern Monetary Theory: Can We Print Our Way to Happiness. Carroll taught economics at Philips Andover for the last 12 years of his career. Prior to that he spent 25 years as an international banker with Bank-Boston. He has lived extensively in Latin America and Asia and, after college, he and his wife served in Brazil as Peace Corps volunteers.

Carroll will discuss Stephanie Kelton’s new book The Deficit Myth, wherein she argues that the debate over deficits is real, but the language of the debate is wrong. Conventional economists are skeptical, but Kelton makes a strong case for thinking about deficits in entirely different terms. Starts at 12pm. Bring lunch and enjoy the talk and questions afterwards. Ipswich seniors and museum members free. Non-members $5. No pre-registration required. 

On June 15 at 7:30pm the conversation on economics will continue with the Wednesday Evening Lecture, Capitalism Reborn-The Search for Liberty, Justice, and Equality. Speaker David Scudder has many years of investment management experience and will discuss the relationship between democracy and capitalism. Capitalism, wisely managed, is the greatest economic engine of all time, provided it is checked by an equally wisely managed democracy. He will define what that crucial term “wisely managed” means, when it was most apparent in the US, and how badly we have strayed from that definition in the past several decades. He will suggest ways to return to a more wisely managed democratic market capitalism. His sources range from the original writings of Adam Smith in the 18th century, to several recent books, particularly by Robert Putnam:The Upswing, James Kloppenberg: Towards Democracy, and Benjamin Friedman: Religion and the Rise of Capitalism. Ipswich Museum Members Free. Non Members $10 Pre-registration is not required.

Lectures will be held in the Appleton Room of the Ipswich Museum, located at 54 South Main Street, Ipswich, MA. Call 978-356-2811 or email office@ipswichmuseum.org for more info.

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