Beginning Woodcarving class for Adults at Lowell’s Boat Shop

Sunday May 15, 2022

NEWBURYPORT – Lowell’s Boat Shop (LBS} is offering a Two-week class on Tuesday and Thursday evenings; 6-8pm May 24-26 and May 31 – June 2. The cost for (LBS} Members: $120 (LBS} Nonmembers: $130.

This class will introduce students to all three types of woodcarving: whittling, in-the-round, and relief carving. There will be a review of the tools utilized in woodcarving and the proper way to use them, as well as the species of wood best suited for wood carving projects. Students will practice their techniques by creating small carved figures, and will also learn how to make their own sharpening tool. Basic Tool Sharpening kits will be available for purchase.

The instructor, Guy Shepard has been carving for over 20 years. He learned his craft from some of the Masters in the field including Betty Padden (author of 4 books on carving and a monthly contributor to Carving illustration magazine), John C. Campbell, Benoi Deschenes in Canada, and several others. Guy has worked as a professional forester and arborist for 50 years and many of his carvings utilize the wood from trees he’s cut down.

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