Newburyport Bank Donates to Children’s Museum of New Hampshire

Wednesday May 11, 2022

NEWBURYPORT-Newburyport Bank has donated $1,000 to the Children’s Museum of New Hampshire, located in Dover. 

The Children’s Museum is a 38-year-old organization whose mission is to engage families in hands-on discovery. The Museum is New Hampshire’s most visited cultural and educational attraction, reaching over 110,000 visitors annually from nearly every New Hampshire town, as well as other states. Nearly 23,000 of the Museum’s annual visitors are served through free and reduced admission programs designed for economically disadvantaged students and families, and those in other challenging circumstances. 

“Museums begin to open up the world for children,” stated Lloyd L. Hamm, President & CEO of the Bank. “While museums of every kind are instrumental in children’s development, we are so very fortunate to have a children’s museum in our midst. With programs like Books Alive and Story Explorers, children begin to learn about classic stories while improving their reading skills. And the Museum makes a substantial effort to insure all families and children have access to their wonderful programs. What they do is something we all can heartily support.”

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