Wireless Carriers Are Retiring 3g Networks For Faster And More Reliable 5g Networks

Tuesday January 04, 2022

BOSTON  — The 3G phase out will be completed by the end of 2022, but carriers are starting the process as early as January 1, 2022. 3G and some older 4G phones will no longer be able to use data services or make and receive calls. It will also affect other devices that rely on 3G like medical devices (including medical alert systems), tablets, smart watches, vehicle SOS services, monitored fire alarms, and home security systems. Contact your mobile provider or check their website for more information about their 3G retirement plan and to find out if your phone or any other device, may be affected. If your mobile phone is older than an iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy S4, it will likely require an upgrade before 3G technology is eliminated.

For more information visit www.fcc.gov. If you have any questions about this contact the Division of Telecommunications and Cable at (617) 305-3580. M-F 8:45AM–5:00PM.

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