Pingree School announces honor roll recipients

Wednesday December 15, 2021

SOUTH HAMILTON – Pingree School has announced its honor roll recipients for the first trimester of the 2021-2022 academic year.

Honor Roll is calculated at the end of each trimester on the basis of the grades earned during that trimester only. Students in the top 10% of each class earn High Honors; students in the second 10% of each class earn Honors; students in the third 10% of each class are placed on the Head of School’s List.

Local students honored include:

Ceci Herriman of Newbury 

Alex Theriault of Boxford 

Erica Dowd of Topsfield 

Maddy Signore of Newbury 

Yiwen Zhan of Boxford 

Chris Kagan of Ipswich 

Kate Spaulding of Topsfield 

Charlie Jaferian of Ipswich 

Frankie Sullivan of Newbury 

Cameron Traveis of Boxford 

Helen Coughlin of Newburyport 

Will Roelofs of Newburyport 

Matt Theriault of Boxford 

Sophia Hughes of West Newbury 

Hanna Jenkins of Boxford 

Riley McLoy of Newburyport 

Jack Radochia of Topsfield 

Jordyn Theriault of Topsfield

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