The 12 Days Of Christmas

Tuesday December 07, 2021

By Michael M. Goolkasian,
Owner Operator of The Organic Natural Shop

Think about those who suffer from anxiety, over eating, drinking, depression!

It’s all related to health and making up your mind to be kind to yourself.

Try to make good choices and seek advice from friends, family and experts.

At the organic natural shop we are celebrating life and the 12 days of Christmas offering 12% off everyday during December and a little extra when you ask. It’s all about community, helping those we know. Try to offer a special gift certificate to those who need extra encouragement along the way. Christmas is a time to reflect on our health, family and spreading kindness to one another.

Visit us at The Organic Natural Shop 174 Newburyport Turnpike (route 1 at route 133 near Market Basket), Rowley.

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