Movie Nights at Hammond Castle

Tuesday November 02, 2021

Hammond Castle Museum is once again teaming up with Cape Ann Cinema to present Robin Hood accompanied by internationally acclaimed, silent movie live accompanist, Peter Krasinski and the 1980s classic hit, Highlander, a 35th Anniversary screening. 

Showings are:

  • November 12th: Robin Hood with Peter Krasinski. Doors open at 6:45, show begins at 7pm.

ROBIN HOOD (1922)-The swashbuckling Douglas Fairbanks stars with Wallace Beery in one of the most expensive movies of the 1920s (and the first to have a glitzy Hollywood premiere). The swashbuckling Fairbanks plays the dashing Earl of Huntingdon, who, after returning from the Crusades, adopts the moniker Robin Hood in order to defeat the treacherous Prince John, who has usurped the throne of the kind King Richard the Lion-Hearted.

  • November 21st: Highlander: 35th Anniversary Showing. Doors open at 5:45, movie begins at 6pm.

HIGHLANDER: 35TH ANNIVERSARY SCREENING (1986)-While this 1980s video store staple spawned many sequels and TV series, “There can be only one,” to quote the movie’s most quoted line. This modern sword-and-sorcery stars one-time Tarzan Christopher Lambert as Connor MacLeod (of the Clan MacLeod!), an immortal 16th-century Scottish Highlander living in 20th-century New York, who becomes embroiled in a fight to the death with other immortals, with the ultimate prize being the mysterious “Prize” (the power of all the immortals who have ever lived. Great performances by bad boy Clancy Brown as the evil Kurgan, and Sean Connery as MacLeod’s friend and mentor, Ramírez (a Spaniard… with a Scottish accent… but born in ancient Egypt). Featuring a great soundtrack by Queen.

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