Gundalow Co Presents Kevin Wade Mitchel performing as “Jack Staines”

Monday August 30, 2021

Kevin Wade Mitchel performing as “Jack Staines”

Portsmouth, NH – Meet Jack Staines, a “Black Jack” aboard the Gundalow Tuesday September 7th 5:00-7:00 at the Prescott Park dock.

Sankofa Scholar & Tour Guide Kevin Wade Mitchel as “Jack Staines” will be performing a living history reenactment aboard the Gundalow PISCATAQUA.

Seafaring was one of the most significant occupations among both enslaved and free Black men between 1740 and 1865. Black sailors sailed on whalers, warships, and privateers. Some were enslaved and forced to work at sea, but by 1800 most seamen were free to seek adventure and economic opportunity aboard ship. On this tour, you will meet a mariner who was also husband to Ona Marie Judge, the escaped servant of President and Martha Washington. Experience old Portsmouth through the stories of Jack Staines, one of the seamen known as a “Black Jack.”

The mission of the Gundalow Company is to protect the Piscataqua region’s maritime heritage and environment through education and action.

All people have the right to access, enjoy, and learn from the Piscataqua region’s heritage and ecology. We recognize that systemic inequality and exclusion have infringed upon this right. The Gundalow Company is committed to working in partnership with those who have been historically and are currently excluded from access to and stewardship of the local waterways. Just as the Piscataqua River is strengthened by every stream, river, and creek that flows to it, our community is strengthened by individuals from a diversity of experiences, identities, cultures, heritages, perspectives, and values, who historically and currently use, access, and enjoy the resources of the Piscataqua Watershed.

Ticketed guests should meet at the Prescott Park dock. The dock is about 200 yards away from the Gundalow Company Office at 60 Marcy Street. Guests who may have difficulty walking should call for more information. Most of the on-street parking in downtown Portsmouth is metered at $2/hour for the first 3 hours. The closest free parking for cars and school buses is on Peirce Island, across the bridge at Mechanic Street just past our dock.

For more information or to sign up please contact the office at 603-433-9505 or visit the website

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