Community Giving Tree to give out backpacks filled with school supplies

Monday August 16, 2021

On Thursday morning, August 19th, Community Giving Tree will be giving out 2000 new backpacks filled with school supplies at their Middleton Facility located at 2 Debush Avenue from 9:30am to noon.

Here are just a few of the families being helped with school supplies this year.

  • An elementary school student, whose mom has breast cancer and recently had a mastectomy and starts chemotherapy soon.
  • A family that endured a tough year at school last year due to family struggles and transitions. This year one of the children is starting a new therapeutic school and they are all looking forward to a fresh start for him and his sister who will also be starting school in a new school district.
  • A fourteen year old girl that was removed from her home by the Department of Children and Families and is living in a residential group home.
  • A family with 3 children that was recently homeless and are starting to get back on their feet.
  • A teenager who has an 11 month old baby girl, who will be starting school this coming school year.
  • A family where the mom regained physical custody of her children and is pending their full legal custody. Because of this she is not receiving the child tax credit because they are technically in DCF’s care.

A family of 3 children that came into a social worker’s care last November due to chronic neglect in all forms (medical, physical, educational). The oldest child was placed with their grandmother, while the other 2 children were placed in a foster home together. The oldest child later moved into the foster home with her siblings after her grandfather overdosed in the home. This child is a survivor of sexual abuse. These children have been through so much in the past few years and have never had the appropriate supplies or backpacks. They are thriving in their current placement and backpacks and school supplies would be a great way to give them the items needed to start this school year on a positive note

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